Kept myself very busy today… For obvious reasons. Went shopping for food and a pair of trousers! first time for at least five years for trousers. Did my washing and hung it out to dry, stripped the bed and remade it, washed the bedding, still in the washing machine… Went to fetch Marie’s ashes… more later, and then took the dogs for a walk with Nathan. Amy, sorry Phoenix, made me a Valentine’s card, so I didn’t feel too bad about not getting one. Then I made a batch of chilli con carne (4 meals worth) and a batch of Vegetable Chilli, another 4 meals worth. So a productive day.

When I picked up my beloved’s ashes, I was very tempted to hold them close to me and never let them go… But sense prevailed, that way lies madness! I shall be taking them into Snowdonia and spreading them on her favourite walk.

She is with me and I feel fine. I’e even planned a day out in London, to visit a few Art Museums for my birthday… Something that was a tradition for us on my birthday.

Am I looking forward? I don’t know, maybe I’m just stopping look backwards, and that is progress of sorts.

Live in Love my friends


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