I’m sorry  you had to leave before the end of the show,

Now you will never know how much you shaped me,

Now you will never get to rest replete in the knowledge,

That you did a great job of  re-purposing my soul.


I was on the downward cycle,

Had lost all faith in love,

In life, in circumstance…

But you resurrected me.


I’m sorry you never got to play grandma for long,

You were made for the role, if you did but know,

You were so ready to invest it warmed my heart,

You were ready to share your illuminating soul  with another.


And I am left to play the scene,

Alone, in soliloquy,

Rejoicing in your angelhood,

Rather than enjoying your company.


I’m sorry that you cannot whisper truths into my ear,

I’m sorry that I can never again put my hand on your shoulder,

As you sleep… and then your hand joins mine and squeezes,

I’m sorry the our love outlived your life,

For this I’m eternally sorry!






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