In the process of moving house for the fourth time in eight years. It was the 20th March 2011 when I moved out of the Family home. In August 2015, we moved from our little flat into a three bedroom property in a nice area and with a 16 degree tilt due to subsidence. Two years later in July 2017, we moved here and thought let’s not move any more, it’s exhausting!

Then the bottom falls out of my world! And with Marie no longer with us, I simply can’t afford to live her with only my wages (i’m still off sick at the moment) to live on. So the merry-go-round swings again and I’m busy packing, and unpacking, because there are nearly twenty boxes we haven’t even opened yet from the last move.

As much as I love travel, I’ve been on the road for 30 years now, up and down the country whilst either merchandising or couriering, I would really like some time to stand still.

Ok, moan over, back to the grind.

live in love

Dale ‘m’

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