Alone in kyoto – Air

Leave Me Alone – Angelic Upstarts

Alive Alone – The Chemical Brothers

All Alone – T.Rex

All Alone – Gorillaz feat Roots Manuva

Alone – Depeche Mode

Alone – The Damned

Alone – This Mortal Coil

Alone At Night – Stina Nordenstam

Alone I Break – Korn

Alone Tonight – Genesis

And I Was Alone – the Residents

Better alone – Lykke Li

Honeymooning Alone – Bat For Lashes

I Can’t Make It Alone – Dusty Springfield

Jesus Alone – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Leave Me Alone – Sham 69

Never Be Alone – Simian

Sleep Alone – Moby

Together Alone – Crowded House

Wake Up Alone – Amy Winehouse

With the funeral of my beloved, on Monday, fast approaching; and with all the many official details and financial arrangements all sorted out, more or less, I finally have a chance to see the yawning chasm which awaits me. I have to face a future alone. It’s a chilling prospect, I do have my dogs, my family, my little Phoenix… But I have no soulmate, I have no companion, I have no lover… All of my future was invested in times with my Beloved Marie. How can I go to Art Galleries, Museums, beautiful places without her there beside me. Every situation was enhanced by the nearness of her. I’ve been thinking that once I’ve got time I will have that nervous breakdown I’ve been promising myself! The thing is with bereavement, the first few weeks is such a mad swirl of immediate problems that you have to deal with, that you have to hold the full extent of your grief at arms length, just so you can deal with it all… But what comes after? On Tuesday, with the funeral done, and all the financial ducks in a row… I have no idea what to do with myself.

If anyone has any answers? Let me know..

revisiting this post today, because I felt alone… I wrestled with horrible heartburn last night, for about five hours, and asked my beloved to come to me and tell me what to do about a certain subject, the subject is private but pertinent to her, and instead of hearing her calm voice and all I got was a jumble of images of destruction, of art trashed on the floor, of images of blood everywhere… and no voice.

And I wonder, why can’t I hear her? I know that the images and sounds are generated in my own brain, so I should be able to access her sound and her image, but I’m just not getting her. I have tried manfully over the last forty years to suppress my psychic abilities… If all you ever get is fore-warning of tragedies, you too would find the gift a poisoned chalice. So for forty years every glimpse I get of the future I consciously say No, I don’t want to know.

But, now I’m trying to get to the place where the future lies, trying to find Marie, who I know is with me, All I’m getting is this maelstrom of disaster, so much so, I’m beginning to believe that the area of consciousness in which the psychic accesses the future has been contaminated by the dark forces… It’s chilling to open up that door of perception, and stays with you for hours later.

Marie is not there, she is in my heart, not my head. At least I hope she is not in that place!

If there are any psychics out there reading this, Do you have the same feelings? Has the space you inhabit to access your readings been contaminated? Or is it just me?

Dale ‘M’

2 thoughts on “ALONE PLAYLIST

  1. It’s very important to do energy clearings through meditation/ visualization and to ground yourself to keep the space clean and the channel clear, otherwise your (sub)conscious mind, fears, energy from others etc. get easily projected in it.

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