In the eight years together, Marie and I built so many memories. We tried to visit as many beautiful places as we could. For the first five years we had very little money, but we would go for walks all over the country. Pistyll rhaeadr, is the biggest waterfall in Wales, if you get the chance go check it out.

Ingleby Derbyshire


These caves in Ingleby nr Burton on Trent, used to be used as a church, fantastic place to explore.

Kinver Edge


more caves this time south of wolverhampton, was a troglodyte community until the mid 20th century.

Ennerdale Water


We went to the lake District a few times, so lucky the weather was always glorious and the dogs loved it.



Amsterdam feels like my natural home.

Just a few of the places we went and drew strength from…

The fact that we went to so many different and interesting places, made our relationship so much more than just existing together… We shared so many joyous moments together, I would recommend to anyone who is in a relationship, build memories while you can, you never know when it might be taken from you! I have so many happy memories of my beloved, and so many pictures, not of her, because she hated having pictures taken, but I have a route map of places we have been happy together. I miss her so much, I miss the joy of sharing places… I miss the love of each other. But life goes on, for me at least, and I am determined to build new memories, to share places with new people. Just as my Marie would expect me to. She always put me first, and I always put her first,  so she would not want me to live in the past. She was all about the now. And now I have to live on.

Dale ‘m’

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