Five months have passed since my beloved was taken from me, and every day I think…

Any day now, life will become normal… but I never even catch a glimpse of normality. I try desperately to do things which will eventually lead down the road towards coming to terms with the new reality, but Nothing seems to help. I paint. I enjoy the process, I enjoy the finished product but it doesn’t fill the empty void I have inside my soul. I have been through the process before, rebuilt my life before. But I was young. Roads had signposts.

Now I am old and cannot see the signposts… I’m spiritually myopic, and furthermore, I don’t want to go forward, I want to go back to her. I want my soulmate. There! it’s all so simple. I want to turn the clock around, reverse out of this reality. I want a quantum time where this hasn’t happened.

There! Five months gone and I’m no closer to getting a normality. I’m still homesick for my lover, for the palace of us, and not the morgue of me!

Dale ‘M’

12 thoughts on “FIVE MONTHS

  1. I wish I had a way to help you in your grief, but can only pray for your hurt to be softened somehow. Have you inquired into a grief support group? I know it sounds a little cliche, but it might be worth a try.

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