Sitting outside after tea, looking at the gentle wallow of the tide, as it slowly leaves the bay, I was thinking about my Marie…How much she loved this forgotten part of the welsh coast, and although it makes me feel sad that she is not here to share these moments, I began to think of our shared values. She introduced me to this beautiful spot and knew how much I would love it. It is so quiet and peaceful and literally a tuning fork for contemplation. My thought was, that although she is not here, the values we shared are still innate within me. Our love of landscape, nature and peaceful thought remains in me, and so through this, she remains within me. She was able to inculcate these values which had for a large part been overshadowed by other more pressing needs in my life… like the need to provide for my family, the need to escape the vicious tongue of my ex….

My life had become jaded and jagged, my mind torn into desperate and disparate pieces, in essence, I was overcome by the mores of modern society… But she was able to make me see beyond that and truly appreciate real timeless beauty of place, of thought and of art.

She may no longer occupy this corporeal realm, but those values she inhabited are the essence of her, and they will be with me forever.

God bless you, my beloved.

Thank you for loving me as much as I loved , and love, you.


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