The future was measured out as a spell,

Full of amazing adventures shared,

Just as the last decade as been…

Beautiful times …

Beautiful because they were shared…

Each place we went

Each event we enjoyed,

were always twofold

because they were shared!

The future I envisioned,

Had only one central tenet…

And that was you My Marie!

Everything I can do,

Will have no meaning,

Without your smile…

Without your love.

You gave meaning to everything…

Even God!

So where do I go Now?

I have no idea,

The light has left my life,

I am in the dark…

The God you made me believe in…

Has departed,

Reneged on the deal we made…

You made me see reason,

But all reason has gone.

I honestly have no idea what comes next,

I will keep doing all the myriad of things I have to…

The official tasks of the bereaved,

But after that…

I have no plan.

Please tell me where do I go now?


this is from January, I still feel rudderless, but I am trying to find meaning.


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