This is hard, but after sharing thoughts with my friend Kara, I thought I’d try to use an analogy to describe the way we feel.

Imagine you have invested everything you own into a product that provided the panacea for all your ills and you knew in your heart of hearts it was the right thing to do…

Or maybe you invested all your hard earned cash and your credit limits in a property because all the experts told you it was the right thing to do…

And then the economy crashed. And you lose everything. I mean everything.

Well, imagine that instead of it being something as moribund as capital, it is all of your emotional capital… You invested all of your heart and soul in one person… She/He received all of your love and future capital, and then they crashed!

All of your emotional capital has been lost… And I mean completely lost, no refunds!

You cannot take that love back. You have lost everything.

That is how it feels when you lose the one person you love more than life itself…

Emotionally bankrupt. Instead of living in a mansion of love, you are now living in cardboard city… Living in the doorways of society, but always separate, always without pure joy, without pure love.

Thats how it feels. Bankrupt. And if you can get to grips with that then you are a better person than me. I am struggling with this doorway life!

Dale beloved of ‘M’

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