I gave up everything I had for love,

My home, my family, my car, my kharma,

And I gave it gladly, no possessions

or broken relationship could stop me…

I had to be with my Marie.


It was hard, very hard, hurting some,

no matter how much they professed support…

I felt guilt, so much guilt,

it tore my mind to pieces…

but i had to be with my Marie.


She gave up her safe life,

to be with me and my soul,

there was a reason why we couldn’t

be apart…

Our souls were fused together.


The world didn’t work

without the other…

And boy we knew that,

after 33 years apart…

the wilderness years.


And now? I’m a fragment,

a fraction of the whole…

I can’t quite grasp the nettle,

She is no more…

only my Marie inside me.


Dale beloved of ‘M’

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