First and last time that he was ever led by peer pressure, was a case of cherchez la femme. Such is life when you are young and led by your cock. He had spent a large amount of money on tickets for the University Alternative Christmas Ball. It was a big Punk retro gig, with groups like the Damned, the Fall, John Cooper-Clarke and many more… It seemed Manna from heaven to him, a chance to see many of the bands he’d missed in the first flush of the punk movement.

He bought two tickets, The other was for Janine.  She didn’t want to go. She was an old hippy, she wanted to go to the Hawkwind gig. Brian, his pal from sociology was going to the Hawkwind gig. Many of his other mates were going to the Hawkwind gig. He was the only one of their band of brigands who wanted to go to the Punk Gig. So, for the first time in his life, he allowed peer pressure to get the better of him and gave in. Janine was not yet hooked. She had been circling his line for a while, but had yet to succumb to his bright feathers.

The day of the gig went as follows. Two hours of tedious lectures about the Ancient Greeks… “Beware of greeks… Boring gits”, he had carved lovingly into the desk top. After that, it had been an hour of sessional Maths, which he had to pass to get into the next year, and then a lunch time sojourn to the pub. Four pints later, with Janine’s deeply sexy laugh still ringing in his ears, he had gone to his sociology seminar. Quite drunk by this time, he had fallen asleep. The Professor asked him a question. Somebody nudged him.

He woke with a start and stared mole-ishly at the Prof.


How do you propose to carry out your research?”

He fumbled amongst his papers, as if looking for an answer in his notes… ( His notes were a series of doodles spiraling all over the page.)

I was planning to do some participant observation, coupled with a randomized questionnaire, and also a series of interviews.”

Well, that seems fairly exhaustive, I look forward to seeing your finished research.”

With that, we were free. Free at last, free at last, thank fuck we are free at last!

He walked across the campus to Brian’s room. He was the only one who had a seminar that afternoon… End of term blues. Of course, by the time He got to the room, everyone else was high as kites. The Blue haze threatened to take over the whole floor of the halls. In Brian’s room, there was a teepee pow-wow of 10 elders passing the pipe of peace… Bong.

Everyone was a giggling jiggling wreck. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer. He bombed the first  in one go and beckoned a joint to His lips. Ahh there you are my season of mist and mellow fruitfulness. Somebody laughed. Suddenly everybody laughed… It Was That kind of night. Janine was jostled on the bed between youngsters. The were bedazzled by her deeply sexy voice… They were dripping adolescence all over her. He was a little put out. He drank another beer. He told them all about his falling asleep in Sociology. No-one cared. No-one cared much about anything. Somebody said that they should get down to the student’s Union soon, get a good spot. He pulled Janine to one side,

Are You Ok?” Janine suffered from Epilepsy, so his concern was not just an excuse to bring her to heel.

I’m fine, Glenn, Mighty fine.”

That you are.” He grabbed her arm, as if helping her keep steady as they walked back to the S.U.  The three tiny teens looked pissed at him, but he didn’t give a flying fuck about them.

They got inside and more pints were consumed. Hawkwind came on stage to a mass of flashing lights and very loud speakers. After three songs, Janine bent up double. Glenn bent down beside her.

Are you ok?”

I Think I’m GOING.”

Glenn grabbed her quickly and took her outside. In the dark and cold, she held him close.

Take me home.”

His car was parked on the S.U. parking lot, He had planned not to use it, he was going to sleep on Brian’s floor. Janine, like him, lived off campus. He drove her home. She asked him in. He had been here once before, but not on his own.

She rolled a great big juicy J and told him to fetch the wine. They sat on her bed smoking, talking, drinking and toking. She showed no sign of having an epileptic fit. He thought maybe he should go home.

If you’re ok now, maybe I should go home.”

Glenn, did you think I was really having a fit? I faked it. I was bored with all the kids, I just wanted to take you, and your singular chat, and your beautiful body and Fuck the life out of you! If you think you are getting out of her without fulfilling my every desire, you, young sir, are sadly mistaken!”

And that was it. Hooked. You see my friends, nothing is ever just one way. All relationships are a two-way thing. You may think that a man is being predatory… He may think he is being predatory! But the other half of the equation has a mind and a will, And sometimes the Hawk will take on a prey that can prey on him.

Saying that don’t be predatory, just be open. Let life find its way into you. It will if you give it a chance.

Names and events and vagaries of memory have been changed, because its my story and I can tell it how I want.

Live in love my friends

Dale ‘M’ xxx

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