Today, my ten month nightmare comes to an end. My last act as a loving partner in life, is to bear witness to our love and our life together, to finally lay to rest the idea that my angel was in anyway suicidal. This will be quashed. And then I will sit through all the horrific details of the case,(as if I haven’t seen them every bloody day since the accident), and I know that this is going to take me to the very edge of my sanity, and probably will negate the progress that I have made since the dreadful day. I face this willingly. I would gladly have died in her place, because she meant more to me than I do… And I know she felt the  same way towards me.

So, one way or another, this is the last act of the tragedy. I wait, battered and bruised, like King Lear, with my beloved metaphorically in my arms, and hope I will find away to move on. She will always be with me. I will always be close to tears, but time will help.

Dale ‘M’

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