British museum was a bit of a disappointment, it didn’t seem as well curated as it did thirty years ago, the last time I visited. I went specifically to see the Sutton Hoo hoard, and though it was there , it was split up in a hodge podge of displays, mixed in with other European artefacts of the same age.


triptych by Francis Bacon


two sketches of Lichfield Cathedral by J. Turner


a seascape by J.Turner. I find this strange, almost as if he’s using two different styles in the same painting. The foreground is very detailed but the sky and the waves are very impressionistic.


A peculiar pre-raphealite painting whose artists I’ve forgotten on the journey home. the whole of the painting is ethereal except for the face which looks as if its been painted in by someone else.

As a rule I would say don’t try to do two museums in one day, especially if your old and infirm… By the time you get half way round the second one, you just want to sit down quietly and have a cup of tea.

Dale ‘M’



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