I have very forthright opinions, strongly held even stronger opined… So much so that I made my mum cry. I hate the fakery of remembrance day! I hate that all the powers that be parade around with their faux solemnity, with great portent, pretending to be sad about the loss of life in wars that they themselves have sanctioned. Usually wars without cause except ones they themselves have set up. This is my opinion. I think about people dying every single day, I don’t need to wear a poppy. However, my mum never got to see her Dad, because he was killed in the 2nd World War at Bari in Italy. She feels the need to have a special day to think about her Dad. I made her cry because she felt I was not respecting her Father. She is not the first person I have upset this week. I have upset my kids, my friend and myself. I realise that although I was being honest in each case, honest to myself, that perhaps my railing against things and people is part of my depression… That perhaps running around on the heath screaming “Pity Poor Tom, Tom’s a cold” like a latter-day King Lear, is not the way to create a more healthy mental outlook. I’m contemplating upon these things. So I would like to offer a humble apology to all I may have upset with my opinions and the way I frame them. I’m sorry, I’m not feeling myself these days.

Dale ‘m’

3 thoughts on “RAIL

  1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion Dale. It’s what makes us individuals.
    I missed the Remembrance Parade this year as I didn’t feel up to standing around for an hour or so. I have no family stories of the Wars and soldiers, but over the past thirty odd years my attitude has changed and I see the ‘Old Boys’ wearing their medals with pride, remembering their fallen comrades. Our leaders and politicians are all greedy liars and cheats, having no clue as to the sacrifices of those lost or their families. THAT is what I hate.

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  2. Personally, I respect your voice on the matter. Not everyone is going to feel the same way and no one has a right to tell you how to feel! I’m sorry you don’t receive the same kind of acceptance that you so freely give, Dale. It’s hardly fair. Hugs, dear friend. 💖

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