This person is Janet. She has single-handedly saved my life this year. She has been there for me throughout the year, gone to art museums, come fishing, got drunk… basically dragged me kicking and screaming back into life. She has put up with me being moody, bloody horrible and mean, so sad that I could not stop crying, so angry I terrify her, so mental that I wake up at 4am talking complete nonsense for hours. She has had to take anti-histamines all year because she’s allergic to dogs and I have two! Before she came up to stay, she had never had any contact with dogs and was scared of them. Now she takes them walks and puts up with them jumping on her in bed.

She has been my rock. I’m so lucky to know her. She has coaxed me back from the edge of darkness, and I just want to say thank you beautiful lady. Thank you for being my friend, Janet, you mean the world to me.


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