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I am always blown away by the reach of my blogs, I can type words here and in a moment I can receive a response from all over the planet, and from these responses I can discover artists who are creating amazing works in our shared language!

I have been blown away by the depth of knowledge and vocabulary used by young girls in India… breathtaking ingenuity used by people who are essentially writing in a second language. They are not brow-beaten by idiomatic syntax of modern English, they use the language as a precise tool, much in the way Shakespeare would have. Two Shreya’s have taught me new words which I literally had to google to find their meaning! And I have a very large vocabulary, according to my exasperated friends!

I just want to say to you young ladies, You are an inspiration in a sad world. Keep working at it, you are the future.

With love to all of you in all of your places, I thank you. You keep the candle flickering in my heart!

Dale ‘m’

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