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It’s a common question, in this world where all movie narratives are obsessed with super heroes, having a supra ability, is high in the collective consciousness. For myself, I will have no truck with any of these narratives, like the other dinosaurs of my generation, I prefer my story-lines based in reality. I don’t want my heroes to solve real-time problems with outlandish abilities, I don’t want retractable steel claws or to fly across the ocean at the speed of light… I don’t want laser beams to shoot from my eyes or ice to flow from my heels. I would prefer my heroes to solve dilemmas by the power of thought. I would prefer natural powers to be used to solve the problems we all face as a species.

The only super powers I have are dull. I have the power to love, I have the power to be honest, and I have the power to nurture. My Kryptonite is : my lack of  understanding when people lie to me; my inability to recognise when people have an agenda; my lack of the need to be acquisitive… I’m murder to buy presents for… I really do not want anything!  The inevitable question at this time of year: What do you want for xmas? Is one that really bugs me, I don’t want anything. Nothing that can be bought. I would like my beloved back. I would like to live without pain, both physical and mental. I would quite like to be able to run again, though yesterday, just the ability to walk would have been nice! Today, my back is freer and I can walk again.

If pressed the only power I would like is the ability to time travel… But that is a double-edged sword. If you go back in time, would you save those you love from their untimely deaths? The urge would be irresistible, but whose to say that they have not died to free their souls from this reality to be able to aid lives in another? Our knowledge of other realities is limited, probably for good reason, perhaps to keep our souls from trivialising our efforts in this reality… Nothing concentrates the mind more than the feeling that this is your one shot at living a decent life! If you were aware that your soul is immutable, that it will exist in many lifetimes, your cares and worries in this life would not feel so important.

I have one super power, I can connect to people I love, I can empathise. Empathy is a very under valued super power, it doesn’t get a lot of airtime in the narratives of the modern media, but the power to feel what other’s are feeling is the bedrock of social interaction, its what enables us to live in communities. It makes us Human. And it is this ability that is most under attack by the concept of super  human powers, we do not need x-ray vision to perceive our neighbour is suffering; we do not need to be able to fly  across oceans, to be able to help the homeless or the hungry…

The real world requires empathy, and from a position of empathy we can actually do something to help real people along their life journey.

Yes. This is the super power we should all aspire to.

Save the world, one person at a time.

That’s a goal which is attainable.

Dale ‘M’

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