I’m used to having a full bed… Two dogs, a lady and my extra large belly, all struggle to fit the space every morning for breakfast… Dogs love toast! What can you do?

So the queue awaiting an audience last night was not the first time my bed had been in demand. This time however, the throng was somewhat extortionate. The veil between the real world and the next must have been very thin last night because there was at least four or five entities all wanting an audience. As I tried to sleep, one was actually sat on my back! I couldn’t shift her! One was whispering in my ear, another was within my body… Janet heard one get out of bed and follow me into the bathroom. She is not used to being surrounded by spirits and It proper freaked her out.

To me the spirit world is as confusing as this one. I hear them, feel them and sense them… but nothing makes sense! You would think this connection could be harnessed and used for good, but because I denied it for so long, deliberately ignored it for forty years, I don’t have the skills to control it or understand it. Instead of honing this ability, my fear as a teenager left me with an aversion of the spirits… Imagine having to know of disasters before they happen? I didn’t want to know.

So I’m trying to accept this ability, but please people… Form an orderly queue, and don’t sit on my back!


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