I went passed the cafe we went to, on our first time back together… I’d been to your mother’s, to take her xmas presents, and decided to take the dogs for a walk on Cannock Chase… Yes I got lost again, as ever lost in the Black Country, and went passed the cafe where we first shared a tea and bacon sandwich. I had held on to your thigh, and realised that you were the only person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with… It never occurred to me that It would be the rest of your life not mine.

So many reminders… It all comes flooding back, and I think, its less than a month until the anniversary, and it seems so far away, because there are the horrors of Christmas and New Year standing like doormen in front of that date… Three things to get passed all within a fortnight. And my mother is adamant that we should all be happy, no long faces… And I say, but some of us have reasons to have long faces, and she thinks that by force of will she can control all of our moods… and stop the tears. She plans to be the ayatollah of emotion, the Goebbel’s of grins.

She is going to goose step across Christmas, Marshalling our moods with her own inimitable way, drinking gin and tonic!

oh what joy!

Dale ‘M’

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