Even with the best will in the world, there comes a  time in which all of your views become anachronistic. Your belief systems, your cultural norms no longer coincide with the views of the general public. I think, as my 60th year looms eerily close on the horizon, I may have reached this point.

I can’t believe how incredibly dumb, or pseudo – dumb people are or purport to be. We have politicians who are so incredibly inept that they basically cancel each other out, with their inability to grasp the simplest of political realities.

We have a twitter world where the default setting is faux effrontery. Does nobody have a sense of perspective anymore? We have a simulacrum world on instagram where people pose unrealistic pictures of their perfect lives, which nobody believes but all like!

So, with a little disquiet, and sadness, I’ve decided to stop trying to understand the socialisation processes at hand, and just say, Fuck it!

Have a very happy xmas my friends… Now press the button on the bus and stop the world I want to get off!


One thought on “ANACHRONISM

  1. systems are so ingrained and widespread it’s daunting to turn away from them. My life has been bliss and chaos in equal parts since the veil dropped. It’s comforting to see that so many others are having the same reaction to what we’re being fed and swallowing so willfully. cheers.

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