Easter 2011, we had been living together a couple of weeks. We decided on the Easter Monday to go for a drive to Wales, and headed off to Barmouth. It was a sunny day, and this was a moment of sharing for Marie. Her family had a caravan in Tal Y Bont, and she wanted to show me how beautiful it was. We drove through Barmouth and stopped for lunch at a pub beside the river at Tal y bont. We sat outside in the warm sun and had a beer and a sandwich and watched a pair of grey wagtails, which I’d never seen before, hunting for insects in the river. I thought this is so beautiful! Marie sat on the bench, the sun in her hair, glistening like a halo around her, like an angel, and that was what she was, a glorious angel, a gift from God.

She made me feel that I was living in a magical world, and for the first time in the longest time, I felt like someone good.

We drove on towards Harlech and decided to park up and go to the beach. We sat on top on the dunes and watched the ocean. Then with the cold April wind, whipping around our ears we settled down, in the hollow of the sand dune.

We lay entwined on the dry sand, and fell asleep. We slept, as one, as we always were, because we shared our souls, not in lust but in love, literally our minds at times became one. We slept for over an hour, and it was such a beautiful expression of love, we were Yin and Yan, and together we created nirvana.

So, although I’m incredibly sad, I always have the knowledge of something much greater than most people will ever experience, and it is this. Absolute Love. Pure love, which I can carry through the rest of my life, like a raft of serenity in a stormy world.

I shall never let go of the love I have for my Marie, It will be the rock on which I will build the rest of my years. I know that she will always be with me and inside me. And I have to live my life in the way she has taught me. She was my guru, the saviour of me soul. And yes, I am grateful for the years I had with her.

Live in love my friends,

Dale xxx


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