the amazing Amy Beck! What a girl! She has had so much to contend with in the last year and yet she keeps going. Everyone tells me how brave and strong I’m being… But seriously, Amy, my beloved daughter has been a tower of strength to me, her Mother, her daughter, her Grandma and her grandfather.Just to elucidate the things she has had to contend with in the last twelve months… Her daughter Phoenix,was born very premature, spent the first two weeks in an incubator, and for one horrible day had to be ventilated to keep her alive. She has had built a home for the pair of them from scratch. She has worked hard to build up a business in the ensuing months, all off her own back, She has had to contend with her own mother having a stroke and my beloved Marie, her step mother being killed, all on the same day! Even as her Mum Gail recovers, she has also had to take on more of the care of her Grandmother, driving her to hospital to see her husband, Amy’s adored Grandfather, in a very confused state since a series of illnesses, and in all of this, she has never once complained. She has been around to see me every single day since the accident, even when she has a million and one things she needs to do for herself and Phoenix. She has been a gift from God to me, a pocket-sized wonder of the world. She is my pride and joy, as are my two boys… But if sainthood was mine to bequeath, she would definitely get my nomination. Love you Baby girl! xxxx


still as valid today as it was a year ago.

Dale ‘m’ we with ‘j’

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