Verb. spraff (third-person singular simple present spraffs, present participle spraffing, simple past and past participle spraffed) (Scotland, colloquial) To speak excessively or pointlessly.



And I talked like an idiot for hours,

Just to take away the vacant  spaces,

And I caught your blank bored gaze…

like a dream catcher… and went on.


I have a thousand blueberry thoughts,

saccharin and salty like sea water taffy,

Each a jumble of pious and profane,

a smorgasbord for all tastes.


And I can see your internal plight,

I can hear your silent scream…

munch – like as we sit beside the ocean…

But we are on our way back.


And I want to make every minute,

seem interminable…

so our time can stretch out,

because sometimes it is not home.


Sometimes the place you’re leaving,

feels more like home…

Than anywhere else…

so I keep spraffing…

to hide that hurt.



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