My son  James and his girlfriend Lucy, visited Auschwitz today, something I could  not possibly do myself, the horror of all those lost souls would be beyond my sensitive soul’s comprehension… I would feel them and I fear it would make me crazy. But they did it, and I’m proud of them… We have a duty never to forget the horrors that Mankind can enact on others, no matter what race or creed, it is our duty to remember and ensure we do our damnedest to make sure it never happens again… Yet i fear these lessons will never be learned, we continue to kill and maim people for no better reason than they are not us! Otherness is no reason for slaughter, to be frank, there is no reason on earth for slaughter! We have to learn that love has to be carried in your heart and has to be shared with all people, with all living things; unless we can grasp this, then we are doomed to forever relive these horrors.

God bless you all, no matter where or who you be, I for one bear no malice to anyone.

Dale ‘m’ we with ‘j’

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