Lost in longing for the return,

the sea, the sea, is arterial,

the connection from  one to the other,

the life blood, but clotting,

the caulking keeping him elsewhere.


There is a duty to the elsewhere,

It has a momentum which cannot be denied…

they know this truth but it doesn’t stop the yearning,

Come home Daddy, come home…

time is a tide which takes it’s own pace.


Is  duty still a currency?

it is old-fashioned to think so,

but The Duty remains…

the cards have to be played,

in their correct sequence.


Only by playing the time out til the end,

Can peace and communion be enjoyed,

They wait where they have to,

in a place beyond time…

And will join in rapture when due.

i’m sorry this a deliberately obtuse verse… I cannot tell it straight! It has been a hard to find words for… but the picture tells it all




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