Two little words is all it would take

To lead me into this terrible place

“I will” were the words I cannot erase

Said by us both in a loving embrace

But the words that he said were empty and hollow

If only I’d known what path he would follow

So there I was, trapped, in a big spiders web

Thoughts and images spun through my head

Struggling to get free but tired and worn

Remembering arguments filled with such scorn

It started quite slowly the drip, drip of contempt

Didn’t like how I dressed or my cooking attempts

My friends had all told me “Don’t marry this man”

“You don’t know each other, you don’t know his game plan”

The game was quite simple, so it turned out

But we lived in my house so I couldn’t walk out

Belittle my efforts and crush my self worth

Making my life a complete hell on earth

The end of the game was his fake “suicide”

Staged to make me hurry to be at his side

I called his “ex” girlfriend, not really the past

And all the pretence was over at last

He’d been seeing her too, throughout our disaster

So she made urgent haste to be with her master

We all had a meeting to decide what to do

She wanted him, I didn’t, so of they both flew

To a love nest they’d built, in Scotland I think

Where they both celebrated with whisky to drink

We’d both danced to his tune but my lesson was learnt

Don’t play with fire or you might just get burnt

J we with D


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