Held in perfect stasis

We revolved about each other,

Radical and different,

But balanced out,

by each other.


The revolution was peace…

Stillness wrapped in wild rapture.

My double-speed thinking

And acting,

centred by your gravity.


I spun around  your Moon,

Like a busy satellite,

Pulling meaning from snapshot sightings,

Of the otherness

only you had found.


Since your rapture moment,

Your gravitational grab

Has disappeared,

Blinked off in this quantum space,

And my wild orbit is no longer held.


You have become a white light,

weightless and opaque,

and I am a random radical,

without bonding or binding…

A Marie-Celeste in a sea of want.

Dale ‘M’ Beck 2019

This is how reality feels now. Trying to find meaning without the gravitas of my teacher, of my partner, of my pupil.

Dale xxx

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