OK, I’m over 60, four weeks over 60 to be precise, and the thing that has shocked me to the very core is the fact that I know nothing… Nothing, in fact I know less now than I did as a 17 year old! This may not surprise those who know me, but it surprises me! I thought there would be a time in my life where I might know something, where I might become an adult… but so far not so much.

The terrifying thought, however, is not that I know nothing, because to be fair I have jack-shit to take control of, but the thing that keeps me awake at night is that people who have a modicum of control or influence, are actually as clueless as I am. Whats more, they don’t care that they are clueless! They are so driven by ego, that there lack of knowledge re-assures them that they are right. Say someone, just for example, like Trump, arrives at a position where his lack of knowledge is paraded as a bonus every single day of his term of office, his blunderbuss approach to politics is lauded as refreshing… imagine how much a man like that could create an atmosphere  of choas?

Or if you are English, you too are similarly afflicted by the supersonic ego of say a Boris Johnson? He is still playing out the fantasies of his 18 year old former self… Sociopaths are running our societies… and no adults are taking control or softening their impact.

This new revelation has made me doubt all of my former convictions… People I believed in as Parents, Teachers or Lecturers were similarly afflicted, they too were just faking an adult attitude. My parents were still children when they had me, just 17, what did they know about the world, life or anything? Yet i believed they knew the answers to everything. It just goes to show, never put your faith in any external reality but your own.

I have children that look up to me, people that I worked with who thought I had a valid angle on life… And I always tried to dissuade them of this belief… I’m an idiot too…

It’s all too fucked up! Like the WHO I wanted to die before I got old… but it never happened! Just those who showed me how to live died around me… Until I’m the only one left that understands that this is the case, that nobody knows what they are doing.

An idiot thinks he knows everything, an intelligent person knows he knows nothing…

Either way don’t follow anyone. Look inside yourself for answers. That’s my only advice.

Believe in no-one. that is good advice!


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