Much as I love my parents, the prospect of being locked in with them as my only social contact for the foreseeable future, is filling me with horror. I miss my kids, my darling little Phoenix, and I miss my j and Marie. I need intellectual stimulation. I cannot watch 4 in a bed every bloody afternoon. It’s a nightmare, even to me, who has been self- isolating for months… At least before I had the prospect of fishing or going to art galleries, now fishing is illegal and art galleries are closed. My only escape is taking my dogs for a walk but its hard for me to take them both with my bad back and I feel guilty taking one at a time. The three of us have done everything together for five years…

I know I’m lucky, I’m relatively healthy, I have food and shelter, but I’m so bored! I have travelled every day for thirty years, at least a hundred miles a day. I have always had the wunderlust, and I can’t get used to this static way of life!

I need vit d I’m seriously needing the sunlight, taking tablets is not the same… Even the sad lamp isnt helping. I know people will think stop feeling sorry for yourself, but i’ve been seriously depressed for over twelve months and just when I was feeling positive and looking to move on… I can’t. God bless you all. I’m sorry but the nights alone are always the worst.


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