Got up early as I was going stir crazy, and decided to take Freya a walk down by the canal. I felt guilty leaving Ellie behind, but she is crazy near water and I wouldnt be able to handle them both in my current state, vis a vis my back. Freya was perfectly behaved and didn’t pull me at all. It was very early, 7am, and the tow path was empty. There were however, hand written notices put up by the onions, (bargees) saying that you should not walk past moored barges? And God forbid, begin fishing. Fishing is prohibited. Even though I have all the licences and permits… I don’t understand this prohibition, anglers always fish a safe distance apart, and are also usually solitary. There are very few members of the public on the tow path and can easily maintain a safe social distance fro the fisherman. I’m getting that this is not about a virus, but about control. Obviously I am not suggesting that the virus does not exist… but it would be a handy way of dividing the population if you wished to change the nature of our society… In effect we are all under house arrest.

Anyway it was nice to get out into the country and enjoy the first signs of spring. Leaves are budding, birds are singing and we are sitting in our houses, watching you tube or poor tv.

live in love


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