The subjunctive is a verb form or mood used to express things that could or should happen. It is used to express wishes, hopes, commands, demands or suggestions.

Will my beloved grandchild be in her dotage by the time I get to see her? How many more birthdays will I miss? How long before we will all welcome the dreaded virus as a blessed relief from the boredom of being isolated with aged p’s who watch the same shit tv everyday of the week? Now whenever the word Covid 19 comes up I start singing Lalala I cant hear you to myself. I’ve just tried to watch Have I got News for you on my i-player, but had to turn it off as it was the most eggy tv event since the Millenium Dome Debacle! Quick wit and repartee cannot be engineered through the medium of skype!

What is the point of all this?

I truly do not know. I felt the symptoms of this sinister eventuality in 2009, when they tried to promote the swine flu to a pandemic, as I’ve said before I was the idiot running around surgeries delivering ineffective placebo anti-virals which were mostly passed their sell by date. The expected mortality rate did not arise, and all measures were quickly down-played and the readiness repressed. It was a dry run for this farce.

A couple of questions here. Why are we clapping into an empty road for people who can’t hear our clapping? Why are we now valuing the NHS, when this government have spent the last ten years running it down? I worked for the NHS for a dozen years and from 2010 until I left I had one rise and that was only enforced because our wages had dropped below the minimum wage… When I started it was £2 an hour more than minimum wage… That’s how much our work was valued! In the winter of 2010 I got through to Bollington across the pennine tops when there was 15ft of snow either side of the road… Not even the postman made it through… But I did! I felt that collecting blood samples and providing supplies to surgeries was an important job… Just as the nurses and auxiliary workers feel that their work provides a valuable service to our community, yet we were all poorly paid and under-valued… And yes, I have worked as a nurse  in the past, so I can speak about that too.

If we have learnt anything from this black comedy, it must be that the lowest paid people in the workforce are actually the most important, and that they should all be paid at a commensurate level with their value to us.

ok rant over, beware of subjunctivitus it will get you all in the end!


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