Rip away these years that tie me to this failing body,

Take away these lines,

these creases that make my face look like an unmade bed…

And this insufferable time locked alone,

with my Beloved gone so long now…

rip it all away like an exercise book,

Where mistakes make it imperfect.


Start again with a new bright note book,

Brightly coloured like the flesh of my Beloved,

Toned like a gypsy, the Irish eyes always smiling,

Melting my heart… so that any time away,

Filled me with a deep yearning  chasm,

Which I could never fill,

No matter how many sweetmeats I devoured.


Rip away these years

so I can make amends…

And hold her sweet soul with mine,

throughout all the thirty three years,

We missed.

Foolhardy in youth, repentant with sagacity,

We could love…

Oh yes we could love.



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