I went out twice today… Yeah I know what a rebel! No there was a reason I went out twice, I took Freya out on her own so she could have a good run around chasing her ball, She is a border collie and gets fretful if she doesn’t get enough hard exercise. The reason I took her on her own id because Ellie, my lab, has a hip problem. She displaces her hip if she runs around too vigorously. Unfortunately, she is the sweetest natured dog in the whole world but, not to put too finer point on it, she is as thick as a plank!

She doesn’t realise that her running around like an idiot is the thing thats causing her pain. It doesn’t matter how much pain she is in, she is just so excited by the appearance of a ball that she goes ballistic!

So, although she needs to exercise, I had to take her separately from Freya, so that I could tailor the walk to each of there needs. So I took Freya on her own and she had a great run around on her own, however it was heart-breaking to her Ellie howling like a baby because I’d left her behind.

Similarly, when I came back and put leads on Ellie and Poppy, my parent’s cocker spaniel, Freya howled even though she had just been out with me. The thing is they have always gone out together ever since they were puppies.

I took the two dogs to the fields behind the house so I could walk them on their leads and keep them from running around too much. You cannot let Poppy off the lead because she just wouldn’t come back… Any way as I walked up to the field a helicopter started to hone in on me. I let Ellie off her lead just so she could walk without harming my back. After a little bit of free walking I put her back on her lead. The helicopter followed me around the field. Poppy had a poo, and they came in closer, only to see that I was picking it up and putting it the correct bin. After walking around the park, I walked up to the shop and bought newspapers for the aged P’s. I tied the dogs up, outside and was quickly back with the papers. The helicopter came back around, and followed me back down the road towards my home. I shouted Fuck Off! to them volubly and they came in closer again. I went under the railway bridge and when I came out they obviously decided I was back home and flew away.

Big Brother is watching you, and they know where you live was the warning I got from this. I have always had a phobia about helicopters following me ever since I first read 1984 at twelve, but I never thought that surveillance in this country would ever become so overt and so  blatant.

Food for thought.

Dale M we with J

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