With both parents birthdays approaching shortly, I went out to buy frames for their birthday paintings, and for two or three others I’d done for gifts, (as pictured above). I did due diligence, measured both sizes of canvases twice to make sure I bought the right size of frame. I found frames at a reasonable price and bought the ones with the size I wanted… ie 4x 12inch by 10 inch, one times 50cm x 40cm. I knew the measurements were right, so imagine my dismay when none of them fitted. The measurements written on the packaging was the external size of the frame and not the internal size. So the only way I could get them to fit I’d have to cut the paintings own. Now, on the painting above this wasn’t too much of a problem as It was only a case of a centimetre off length and width, and I was satisfied with the result. However, the smaller canvases required much bigger cropping area, and would have ruined the subject matter… so I decided to leave them for today. I had however, knocked a painting I’d given to my mum off the wall and smashed the frame, and as the painting was slightly smaller  I thought maybe I could use one the frames to replace that. I tested it and eureka it fitted. Not so fast… As the painting was on a wooden stretcher it was too deep to fit in the frame. So I took it off the stretcher and stretched across the cardboard backing of the frame. Job done you might think… No.

I put the painting into the frame and as the corners were a bit bunched, pressing it into the frame broke the frame in half. I tried again. I broke another frame. Third time lucky?

Yes. I cut the corners of the canvas taped it tight and just got it into the frame. So a five minute job ended up taking me three hours.

Conclusion: Take a tape with you when buying a frame, and measure the internal size of the inside of the frame just to make sure it fits. Saves time and a lot of frustration!

It was nice to get out though! And don’t tell anyone, I also took all three dogs for a walk afterwards.

Dale M

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