Spent a very enjoyable seven hours painting, with my mp3 and headphones on listening to complete albums of David Bowie, Talking Heads and Elbow. Oh the joy of singing along to all your favourite albums when you can’t actually hear yourself. My Dad said sanguinely, ” So your singing hasn’t got any better then?”

“I don’t know it sounds perfect to me… I can’t hear it!”

My painting today was a free- hand trip back into my old style of painting, I started from a picture from the internet, which just gave me a structure, I roughed out the layout of the canvas intending to paint in a cubist Picasso style, but then I thought od the colours in Kandinsky, and so I decided to try and mix the two. I’m not entirely happy with the left eye, but apart from that I had a very intense and pleasurable experience. Painting life-like portraits is a very tight and painstaking process, you have to keep the likeness at all times at the forefront of your mind… So to explore my own imagination was like a palette cleanser, and was a pleasurable experience. I found finishing the piece an elation, it worked! It looked like I wanted it to look.

So my point here is, if you are like me, painting every day, and you find yourself getting jaded, just try doing it in a different style or medium… just to keep it interesting. Failing that go fishing… oh no can’t do that can we?


just a taster for tomorrow’s playlist.


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