I understand that under this house arrest I am blessed… no matter what, I can escape into my painting, I can escape into my music and I can escape into social media. I am blessed, because I have imagination and a creative core to my being. Today I decided to escape into another world. I spent the afternoon cooking. Again I’m blessed because I’m a competent cook, as part of miss-spent youth, I was once a chef, back in 1980, which is 40 years ago now. So I decided I’d make bread rolls pictured above, and a lasagne. Armed with mp3 crashing very loud music in my ears, I enjoyed the process. Mixing the dough, needing and then proving the dough. Whilst the dought proved, I made the bolognese sauce from scratch and the cheese sauce from roux to fruition. Then whilst the lasagne cooked, I knocked back the dough then created 6 rolls and left the to finally prove whilst the lasagne cooked. Having cooked the lasagne the proved rolls went in, and during the cooking I made a salad to accompany the lasagne. By the time that was done the rolls were cooked. So we had  a dinner of lasagne and salad, with a fresh warm roll. Delicious, if I do say so myself…

My point? There is no alchemy in cooking, its just about preparation and time and motion. Utilise the time properly and everything goes like clockwork.

Maybe tomorrow, I will go back to my painting. Let’s be honest being locked up is deadly dull, but by using your time and your imagination, you can be productive and stay away from the dark recesses of depression.

Dale M we with J


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