• The number of deaths registered in England and Wales in the week ending 10 July 2020 (Week 28) was 8,690, this was 450 deaths fewer than Week 27.
  • In Week 28, the number of deaths registered was 6.1% below the five-year average (560 deaths fewer), this is the fourth consecutive week that deaths have been below the five-year average; the number of deaths in care homes, hospitals and other communal establishments were also fewer than the five-year average, while the number of deaths in private homes was 706 deaths higher than the five-year average.
  • Of the deaths registered in Week 28, 366 mentioned “novel coronavirus (COVID-19)”, the lowest number of deaths involving COVID-19 in the last 16 weeks and a 31.2% decrease compared with Week 27 (532 deaths), accounting for 4.2% of all deaths in England and Wales.
  • In Week 28, the proportion of deaths occurring in care homes decreased to 19.0% while deaths involving COVID-19 as a percentage of all deaths in care homes decreased to 5.8%.
  • The number of deaths involving COVID-19 decreased across all English regions, with all regions having fewer overall deaths than the five-year average, apart from the East of England, which had 2 more deaths.


The deaths in the last week available were 560 less than the five year national average.

In other words, the people who would have died at this stage of the yearly cycle have already died of Covid or other stress related reasons… i.e. being terrified of catching the virus.

There have been no deaths related to covid in the West Midlands for six straight days…

This even when people have been gathering in towns, beaches and protest rallies.

My point is the outbreak has already been quelled and yet we are now being compelled to wear masks? Why? We have been allowed out for weeks without masks, and people are not being infected. This smacks very much of government fuckwittery to me.

Is it so our alien overlords can now move amongst us with impunity? (JOKE)

It is very frustrating everyone jumping on the kid who exclaims Look at The King! He’s got no Clothes on… Watching these politically correct pile-ons against people who quite rightly are just saying that our rights are being impinged, for  very little good reason.

Will I wear a mask? where I have to. Will I make a fuss? no. Will I give into fear and loathing ? Not at all. As a Buddhist, I am only in control of my journey, you will have to make your own way through this minefield.

I am not happy however, that my granddaughter will grow up in a world in which people will comply with whatever their Government tell them to do… Even when they are all known liars, just because they are too terrified to question them.

Dale M We with J and sure to lose friends with this blog.

4 thoughts on “SOME FACTS

    1. I’m against making a fuss Bo, I just want people to think about how much power they allow the govt to take from them, especially when they are as corrupt as the British government

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  1. IMO the government have done too little too late. The figures are grotesque, and numbers of new cases climbing. We wear a mask and gloves when on the High Street or shopping. We have tourists in the town who couldn’t give a toss and we are thus avoiding it like the plague.
    The politicians are only interested in making money. They don’t care about the number of deaths and tweak the figures to make themselves look good. Whoppee that more people will be invited to have the flu jab this winter. Problem is, already the surgeries are anxious as to where they are going to store, if they can obtain supplies in the first pace, the extra number of vaccines required. Our surgery runs out NOW, can you imagine if they need to find another 14,000 for our town alone?
    Keep safe, and use common sense, protecting yourselves the best way you can.

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